Rise Of Online Food Ordering Startups In India: Opportunities, Challenges And Innovation

food ordering startups In India

Off late, the trend of food startups and on-line grocery has been catching the spotlight. While on-line grocery vertical is garnering its own share of ventures, food ordering and delivery isn’t far behind.

Then there are innumerous food startups working, which still have not grabbed the limelight. JustDial made its way in on-line Food ordering service and taxi aggregator Ola has entered this segment with the launch of its food delivery service in 4 cities. Tapan Das Kumar, Chief executive officer, ITiffin, say: “‘My trip was filled with challenges, right from when I set up the venture until date. One major challenge has been retaining clients beyond 180 days.

Even though everybody knows the importance of a healthful diet, it’s challenging to make people cultivate it in a habit, to be followed on a regular basis.

Consequently, it becomes essential to present our clients with different varieties of healthful food. Second of all, Food standardization has been another daunting challenge which the Food preparing team of iTiffin has to cope with, to be able to provide our variety of customers as well. Rachna Nath, Leader Retail and Consumer, PwC India, commenting on the rise of product start-ups and its future said,

The future of food startups hold a favorable potential.

Presently the firms are immature, as we may see from many of them getting acquired by bigger companies. The tendency will increase in future. Eateries like Dominos, Pizza Hutalone get 50-60% electronic commerce sales.

Therefore the future seems a difficult competition between the food startups and single brand restaurants. The question who’ll survive is a little difficult because the one who keeps his logistics well will rise. In almost any company logistics play a big role.

Further, fretting on the real challenge the startups need to cater to he said, Overall, the food startups are catering to the changing taste of contemporary India through its revolutionary concepts. Nevertheless, the real challenge lies in the right mix of innovation with a strong business sense in order to attain long term sustainability and scalability.

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