Soon You Will Meet These Robots On The Road!!Are You Ready?

most advanced humanoid robot

We’re not yet  fully effective at  developing humanoid robots which are identical like biological humans, but that doesn’t mean we’re not trying. Here are 10 real robots which are helping us accomplish this futuristic milestone.

Nevertheless, there are robots which perform or display at least 1 or 2 of these criteria fairly well. Finally, roboticists will pool together their experience, making the initial generation of super-realistic humanoids. We are not that far!! Question is when we are seeing the robots on Road.. Walking with Us?? Is it very soon??

Here are ten which are taking us closer to that ambitious aim.


The SCHAFT Bipedal Robot

Getting robots to walk steady and confidently on two legs was a tremendous challenge for researchers. A bipedal robot called SCHAFT shows that for a few tasks, a torso isn’t demanded. This sturdy, stocky robot is already performing some purposeful work, but it could eventually lead to more Loaded humanoid robots. This is from the Stable of Google Research.



Erica and Geminoid DK

Erica is the brainchild of Hiroshi Ishiguro, director of the Intelligent Robotics Laboratory at Osaka University in Japan. Ishiguro is famed for his super-realistic humanoid robots (including his doppelganger, Geminoid HI-4), but Erica, in addition to looking very human-like, was designed to interact naturally with her human companions by integrating a number of abilities, such as voice recognition, human monitoring, and natural motion generation.

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REEM-C is a prototype humanoid robot developed by Spain’s PAL Robotics. In 5.4 legs and 176 lbs, its form is loosely based on human proportions, but it’s packed with a couple incredible capabilities.




Romeo, a 55-inch-tall humanoid robot, was designed by France’s Aldebaran Robotics to assist people, like older people, who have lost their physical autonomy. Romeo’s size and physical capabilities allow him to open doors, climb stairs, and reach objects on a desk. His developers are hoping that he’ll eventually be able to carry things, including people.


Ocean One

This aquatic android is among the more advanced robots’ve seen in some time, effective at swimming to depths which are traditionally off limits to human divers.

Developed at Stanford University University’s Artificial Intelligence Lab, OceanOne is outfitted with very very sensitive palms which relay haptic feedback to the navigator’s controls, allowing for a shared sense of touch. The robot is designed to examine coral reefs in the Red Sea, where conventional autonomous under water vehicles (AUVs) are at risk of damaging the delicate seafloor structures.

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Developed by Boston Dynamics (with, ahem, a bit of help from the United States of Defense), this absurdly realistic humanoid robot is being used to test the performance of protective clothing. Compounds in PETMAN’s artificial skin can detect any compounds which are leaking throughout the suit, and its high-technology skin disrupts human anatomy inside the outfit by generating perspiration and regulating temperature.


Junko Chihira

Described as a trilingual android, Junko Chihira is now in development at Toshiba. Unlike PETMAN and lots of the other robots on this list, she isn’t the most agile android in the world, but she’s obtained incredible interaction abilities, with the capacity to make human-like facial expressions.



The Evergreen ASIMO—Honda’s iconic humanoid robot. ASIMO may be turning 17 later this year, but this teenage android has got a lot going for it, thanks to a steady stream of improvements.

ASIMO is lighter and bit smaller than its predecessors, allowing it to move around with added grace and agility. The bot can pick up a sealed container filled with juice, unscrew the top, pick up a cup with its other hand, pour the juice, and carefully place both the cup and container back on the table. To make this possible, Honda has equipped ASIMO with sensors in its hands allowing it know that it’s holding something, and to know how much it weighs. With Honda behind its development, ASIMO continues to be one of the most technologically advanced robots on the planet.

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Last but not the list is Sofia.

Sophia the may not have a heart or brain, however it will have Saudi Arabian citizenship.

Sophia was developed by Hanson artificial intelligence, diode by AI developer David Hanson. It spoke at this year’s Future Investment Initiative, control within the Saudi Arabian capital of national capital.

Sofia  is one of the most widely known android and just looking at it you can realize that very soon Human & Android is going to Co-Exist in the world!! Actually Very Soon!!


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