A Handy Guide To How To Take Care of Lips In Winter!

how to take care of lips in winter

How many of us are suffering from cracked lip in winter? Or facing a broken lip skin after using some beautiful Matt or glossy lipstick? 

No wonder that I used to have such problem once, as because I am raising this topic. Believe me it’s a big mess when I joined any party and half a way I felt that my lips are floating up and some very thin layer of skin is coming out. Yes, it was that much bad with me. But better let than never, I succeeded after some researches, has done upon me.

Lips are one of the most precious part of our face and all of us want it like sponge and milky. But to keep this beauty more healthy we must take some steps along with our daily habits too.

Like, we must drink enough water that hydrates our body, skin and lips. Our body must need Vitamin E and Vitamin B (green vegetables and fruits) daily, which helps to glow our skin. We must avoid biting or licking our lips as well, it dries our lip skin. Finally, we must use best brand cosmetics for our lips like Revlon, Bobbi Brown, Avon, Mac etc. 

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There are few home remedies too, to protect such problem. The Below Guide Will tell You That!!

  • Petroleum Jelly is one such magical thing that can be very useful to keep our lips healthy. Vaseline is really a awesome lip cosmetic for all your daily problem


  • Honey is another beneficiary product skin as well as health. We can get a soft pinkish lip by applying honey regularly.%Grab trending news%buzzgrabSugar is best natural exfoliate. With one tablespoon of honey it can create a magic. Just in a circular motion rub it in your lips for 10 mins before wash it.


  • Cucumber… believe me rubbing thin slices of cucumber followed by honey you can remove dark patches from your lips.


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%Grab trending news%buzzgrabButter is one old solution for juicy and attractive lips. Every night you use it before bed and next morning exfoliate with a brush and see the difference within three days.


  • Aloe vera Gel is known to all for its goodness. Massage with aloe vera gel in circular motion and then let it dry and then wash it up. You can get healthy feedback of your lips.


  • Olive Oil…now mix a part of olive oil with a part of honey and two parts of sugar. Later rub this paste all over your lips for 30 seconds. Changes are obvious within 2 days.


  • Another wondrous home remedies for pink lips is rose petals. You’ll need to soak a number of rose petals in milk for a brief time. Then create a paste using of the petals with a number of drops of glycerine and honey. Dab the paste on your lips, then wait simply fifteen minutes before massaging it off applying milk. This remedy will bring forth amazing results.


  • Lemon Juice using with sugar is also naturally bleaching your lips.


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  • Berries as an example raspberries or strawberries have lots of advantages for finding solution for dark lips and roughened lips. You simply need to create a paste of raspberries with some Aloe vera juice and pure honey. Keep this paste on your lips for 5 min and see the result.



Last but not the least, please remove your makeup clearly before going to bed. Because makeup can make you beautiful but cannot give a natural healthy attraction of your skin.



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