American Women’s Fashion Through The Decades – A LookBack

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Within the course of human history, a hundred years is not a very long term. however within the course of fashion history, it is the distinction between attempting to urge around in an exceedingly bone-cinching girdle and ankle-length skirt, and also the Nike leggings and Vans sneakers  and you may be at the verge of an historical crossover regarding Women Fashion

Before The 1920s:

American women aimed to seem older than their actual age, but with the execution of the 19th Amendment in 1919, guaranteeing women’s suffrage, women started to strive to look younger and younger. Women started to wear looser fitting garments while hemlines rose to an unprecedented knee length level, abandoning the more restricting and uncomfortable styles of the preceding decades. American women of the 1920 often Bobbed, or cut, their hair short to fit under the iconic cloche, a snug fit hat made of felt that was worn tilted in order to cover the forehead and, at times, the ears.

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Women in 50’s are expected to look and dress a certain way and several, in most cases, conformed to the newly recognized standard of beauty, unlike the fashion forward, independent flappers of the Roaring 20s. As their husbands returned from war, the American women of the 50s were expected to concentrate on their role as housewives.

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Through The 60-70s :

Popularized in the late 1960 s, hot pants, tight fitting shorts with a crotch length of 2-3 inches became a style go-to for young women throughout the very first 50% of the 1970 s. Tight tops and lose fitting bottoms defined style for men as well as women throughout the latter 50% of the decade.

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This Video From Glam.com is an interesting take on Fashion Through The Era

Finding its origin in the 70s,power dressing accumulated prominence in the early eighties and refers to a style utilized by working women to establish authority in their professional environment. By the eighties, the idea of women at work had become the norm, however, women still felt the urge to establish equality in the professional world, using fashion as their weapon of choice.

The 1990s:


Fashion was defined by the spaghetti straps tank top and skirt. Women’s style took a more feminine turn as women started wearing denim miniskirts and jackets, halter tops, belly t-shirts, low rise jeans, and capri trousers.

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The Stylish 2000:

Ah yes, the last decade of the tracksuit. Beloved by the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton, and Britney Spears throughout the early- to mid-aughts, Juicy Couture’s terry arte fact and material sweatsuits area unit already a homesick item that sure celebs—not to say the fashionistas itself—are making an attempt to bring back. Graphic T-shirts (“Team Aniston” versus “Team Jolie,” anyone?), vacant midriffs, and logo-heavy It luggage conjointly reigned supreme. (Hopefully, the trucker-hat trend can keep firmly in 2004. Though, some celebs try to revive it.)

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The Fusion 2010
With six and a  half years of the last decade behind USA, we tend to feel safe in our predictions on that trends comes back over times. Skinny jeans came into their own this decade once , and despite endless articles heralding their death, they are not doubtless to be going anyplace anytime shortly. Same goes for athletic wear currently that we’ve knowledgeable about the fun of walking around in sneakers, tees, and hoodies all day whereas still trying trendy, WHO would need to travel back?  Next Decade is all about Athletic Wear and Minimalistic Wear.


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