Fashion Faux Pas Every Person Should Avoid

fashion faux pa to avoid

With regards to fashion, we do not believe in authentic mistakes. Why? Since getting dressed is a fun, always changing way to express yourself. However, there are some common fashion  offenses which are simple to prevent.


Listed below are our top 5 Picks


Always dress properly for the weather.

When in doubt, Google it! Always check the weather file, it is going to prevent you from being overdressed or underdressed. In summertime, it is around strategically showing the skin and wearing the right materials to help keep you cool. In winter season, smart storage is the best friend.


Do not be a Brandsnobbist!

There is something subtly sophisticated about not showing a brand name. An unnamed piece is more prone to evoke the question. Where did you find that? . , It’s about creating an atmosphere of mystery.

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Try not to fall prey into the never ending parade of tendencies.


Not all trends are made equally. Which means, it is important to concentrate on the ones which will compliment your shape. Even when wide foot pants are all rage, it is ok to pass if straight leg denim looks better on your bod. You know best! Less is more.


Avoid overdoing your accessories.

Take a page out of Chanel’s book and constantly take off one attachment before you leave the house. , This particularly applies if you are already wearing a statement piece, allow it take the limelight and have your accessories play a supporting role.

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Never wear jeans that do not flatter your figure.

It’s 2017. There are absolutely 1 million methods to whiten your silhouette with a perfect pair of jeans. From new cloths to the most recent in match technology, finding the right match for you has not been easier.


So please follow this guideline so that you can avoid these type of issues going forward!!



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