Most Extreme Places In The Universe, You Have To Visit!

most extreme places in the universe

Explore the hottest, driest, Scariest and most extreme travel destinations on planet earth. Could you take on any of these locations?


The Steepest Peak On Earth: Mount Thor, Nunavut, Canada.


At 5, 495 legs tall, Mount Thor isn’t the world’s highest peak, but it’s the steepest.

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The Coldest Inhabited Place On Earth: Oymyakon, Russia



As the coldest inhabited place in the world, the small Russian city of Oymyakon, with a population of 500, was formerly just utilized as a location for political exiles.




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The Driest Place On Earth: Atacama Desert, Chile


will certainly need the right type of sunscreen if you plan to travel through this desert. While Mount Everest is over 29, 000 legs Tall, on account of the position of the mountain on the earth’s surface the summit of Mount Chimborazo is the furthest place from center of the earth.

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The Hottest Place on Earth: Lut Desert, Iran


Here, temperatures soar as high as 158 degrees F, so it is important to have a game plan to keep cool and know the signs of a heat stroke in case you develop symptoms.


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The Most isolated Place on Earth: Tristan da Cunha, UK


Searching for a getaway from the every day? Looking for Isolation.. Nothin Brats It!!

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The Coolest Continent on Earth: Antarctica


With a population estimated at somewhere between 1, 000 and 4, 000 people, the world’s 5th largest continent is the edge of extreme, the coldest and driest continent on the planet.

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The Wettiest Place on Earth: Moussinam, India.


This Indian city receives an average of 467 inches of rain every year.




The Most Treacherous Waters On Earth: Gansbaai, South Africa


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Since 1995, diving with large white sharks was a major attraction for tourist in Gansbaai, South Africa.


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