6 Best Greek Islands To Visit! Irresistible They Are!

best greek islands to visit

With over 6000 islands little and large, Europe is a land of magnificent islands !! But Greece indeed is the Jewel of the Crown!!

With over 220+ islands, Greece offers breathtaking beauty  for  a traveller!

The country boasts island groups that are important for the exploration including the Aegean, Sporades, Argo Saronic, Dodecanese and the Cyclades.

Every set of the island has its own history, customs, culture and tradition that is idiosyncratic.


The Below 6 Islands Will Surely Blow Your Heart And Make You An Dreamer!! 

The Cyclades

Potted greeneries, cubic washed homes, and blue domed churches are a few of the most attractive images that Cyclades islands offer. The Cyclades provides a difficult yet attractive sailing experience for the travelers.

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The far fetched islands with the Meltemi winds of summer might create great turbulence while sailing. It enables you to have the experiences in your lifetime. If you plan into the Cyclades, you should pay a visit to the islands that are next  🙂




A renowned place inside the nation integrating the for your plethora that vary from weather conditions that are exotic to delicacies.

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Undoubtedly the most famous of the lot!!

Rich for atmosphere and its culture, Santorini provides various scenarios.

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With a reputation for dazzling panoramic views,  breathtaking sunsets  and volcanic-sand beaches, it’s  a no surprise that  the island features on every travelers dream list!!

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Enjoy fun filled hiking adventure around Milos. Rock formations and its sea caves form the attraction.

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As being a rugged island, its criss cross pathways spreading round 60 miles leads you to those golden sandy beaches.

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This probably the most less traveled islands among tourists retains its picturesque beauty. You should absolutely investigate its historic churches and wild countryside. Encompassed by the dense olive groves, pinewoods, fruits orchards along with emerald waters, the lush green environment of Sporades provides a complete escape into you from the daily life tensions.

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Having the cleanest waters of the Aegean Sea, these 6 islands provides  numerous adventure filled activities for you. A few of the most serene shores in this group might include -. A pine scented island, those Ionians presents a beautiful image of cypress and olive groves with the pastel-colored Venetian building of Venetian era. The turquoise waters of those islands will certainly tempt you to go deep in their heart. While you’re on a trip of still sailing Greek islands, one should not forget to include the following main islands of this group.

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