8 Reasons Why Should You Go to Adventure Travel !!

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Your life, at times, can be as blah as ‘g’ in lasagna. You experience days so infuriatingly bore that you might end up punching yourself in the face. And since you can’t leave it this way, you travel. You go hopping around the fanciest of places, shop till you drop, and spend your days at leisure, which is fine enough. However, we’d like you to spare a little thought to what we’re telling you ahead – is your affluent traveling doing you any good? Is it really worth your dime if it isn’t formative in any way whatsoever?

Travel isn’t about splashing out on luxuries only to get back and realize how infinite and unchangeable a humdrum is. That said, it isn’t about behaving a bit too frugal either. To travel is to earn – maybe a few new people, some palatable tastes, some skills and a couple of life-altering experiences. This is Travel; better yet, Adventure Travel.

Adventure Travel is fantastic for shaking up things pretty well. It’s for something as unique as soul-awakening. It doesn’t happen in lavish places, but in the wilds, hills and oceans, which are as unexplored as yourself. You bring great learning home, and move an inch closer to a better version of yourself. If you’ve been asking ‘What life is this?’ too often, you need just a reason to go some backpacking and exciting adventures right now. Well, in the post ahead, we’ve given you 8. Read on.

1. Adventure Travel Shatters Your Comfort Zone

As humans, we’re wooed to our comfort zones as drugs. However, we often forget that excellence doesn’t ensue when you cozy up with your comforts, but when you break free and challenge them. And just in case, you’re eager to test how well you can take challenges in your stride, go to adventure traveling. There’s nothing as exciting and nerve-busting as taking into an unexplored territory. The thrill is unmatched, you bring a ton of memories home, and perhaps win over a fear too.


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2. Adventure Travel Makes You Fitter

It’s no secret that exercising needs a conducive environment for better results. And, what can be better than a biblical cover of green and lush? A lot of studies have provided conclusive proofs that exercising in the nature reduces stress and stirs up the flow of ‘happy’ hormones in the body, so that you can reclaim your ‘fittest’ best as fast as possible.

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3. Adventure Travel is Pure Rejuvenation

Playing to the tunes of life, life goes sterile and the boredom reaches an acme level. This is when you need a new realm, some fresh energy to your life. And, going to an adventure travel can help. You can easily tell how mentally and physically rejuvenating an experience to hills or forests can be. It’s incredibly invigorating to say the least and the boost is stronger than ever. You spring back to life with an unspeakable enthusiasm and takes everything head-on, at least for sometime. Adventure Travel helps improve the count of endorphins and detoxifies your body of stress and sullenness. That’s worth a million dollars, we feel.

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4. Adventure Travel Adds Up As An Achievement

The reason, why only a small percentage of travelers go for active adventures, is the amount of perseverance and passion such activities ask for. Might be a little demeaning to some, but not everyone is regular with, and successful at adventure traveling. That being so, once you complete an adventure, you feel what success is to a whole new level. You feel a sense of achievement, because you ticked off the most daring goals in your bucket list. And, this is what we live for in our lives. Isn’t it?


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5. Adventure Travel Helps You Build Your Squad

You saw this coming, right? Climb a hill or sail a valley, you share your interests in adventure with millions out there, who might accompany or meet you to your next expedition. Toeing on similar passions, you share your respective travel stories with each other, which bring vicarious pleasure to you, and you bond pretty well. You meet people who wouldn’t have met you otherwise, had you not been on an adventure. Gladly, friendships are the second best things in life. First, of course, is the travel.

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6. Adventure Travel Makes You Much Aware

It’s a common knowledge how travel makes you smarter – more receptive, less biased. It shapes your personality for the newer world, and possibly adds a dimension to it. And above everything, you discover a ‘new’ you – you get aware of your latent capabilities and drink away your fears, which hounded you for all this while. You challenge yourself for the adventures you thought risky and difficult to overcome at first place, but when you win them all over, the mirage breaks to give you a magical reality you deserve.


7. Adventure Travel Contributes to Your Skill-Set

Adventure Travel is amazing at how it hones your skills. Just as you know, you confront a load of new challenges, strategize our own ways of dealing with them, and accentuate your skills in your own capacity. You take on adventures, which in a way, test your physical and mental tolerance, push your proficiency a little, and help you expand your skill-set by a whole. For instance, if you’re trekking for the first time, you might lose your breath while climbing up the steep hill. But during the entire trek, you’ll show massive patience and perseverance to reach the atop, and that’s how you’ll learn a new virtue, indeed a pretty useful one at that.

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8. Adventure Travel Builds Economies

You don’t know, but by opting for Adventure Travel, you help several countries to grow better and stay competitive in a flashy, GDP-driven world. There are many places which earn only because of the exotic tourism they offer – Bali, Maldives and Malta to name a few. By going to such places for your adventure dope, you help people in these nations to eke out a living for themselves and make them self-sufficient. Further, a good percentage of tourism to these places serves as a great incentive for ecotourism to preserve their natural landscapes and increase the influx of dollars, which also greatly boosts the confidence of these cities and countries to survive in the competitive global space. To put simply, your cravings for a raunchy rafting ride can be someone’s bread and butter for a day. And, this is indeed a motivation to do adventure traveling more often.


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That’s a snap, you lovelies. We believe, after reading this post, you’ll indeed book your tickets, pack your bags, and put on your travel shoes for an enjoyable experience. Well, you must, because life isn’t about slogging your ass off at desks and raking in money. It’s about living it for your good wholesome fun. What do you think?

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