Google What Does? Except Its Search? A Look At Google Other Products!

google what does

We all know Google being worlds most advanced and most used  web search engine, which is Google’s core product. It receives over 3 billion search queries per day. Google also offers regional search by its 189 regional level domains. 

But do you know that Google has several other path-breaking products other than its mainstream search products that mass people rarely knows about but are integrated into our day to day life….


This below guide will give an glimpse of  google products list and will tell us that Google is much more than what we know!!




What Google Believes :

Google believes that  It’s mission is to identify human problems that can be solved by technology and after that come up with the technology that solve those problems.


A suite of productivity programs, including spread sheet, word processing, and photo editing software.

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A spoon designed to make life simpler for individuals with diseases like Parkinson’s. A house video monitoring system. A dongle that places Internet video on the TV. Balloons that broadcast an Internet signal.


A collection of photos of every street in the world. A live updating database of equities and financial news. A service that permits you to pay for things with your phone.

It knows precisely where shoppers are in stores, in order that Google can tell them what products can be found in the aisle they’re walking down.

A few Of the products on this list are clearly associated with Google’s core business, Web search. Chrome and Android ensure that a Google search bar is never far from virtually all Web users.

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Clearly, that is not due to the robots or contact lenses that Google is working on. It is Because Google has the world’s most lucrative Internet business pumping the place filled with money: search advertising.

There’s very little reason to worry that search advertising will go away any time soon. Individuals are utilizing the Internet on their phones more than they used to.

When individuals Use the Internet on their phones, they’re increasingly using applications in place of the Web.




  • Hummingbird – Expanded question analysis. for instance, if you look for ‘best pie place in Seattle’ Google also will look for ‘best pie eatery in Seattle’.
  • PageRank – PageRank depends on the unambiguously democratic nature of the online by mistreatment its huge link structure as and indicator of page worth. In essence, Google interprets a link from page A to page B as a vote, by page A, for page B. But,Google appearance at significantly over the sheer volume of votes, or links a page receives.
  • To Illustrate, it conjointly analyzes the page that casts the vote. Votes forged by pages that square measure themselves “important” weigh a ton of heavily and facilitate to form different pages “important.” mistreatment these and different factors, Google provides its views on  pages’ relative importance.

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  • Google Flights – Google Flights is a service that enables travelers to look for flights from geographically different  airlines and destination.


  • Google Image Search – Google image program, with results supported the file name of the image, the link text inform to the image and text adjacent to the image. 



  • Language Tools – Language tools is an assortment of linguistic applications, as well as one that enables users to translate text or websites from one language to a different, and another that enables looking out in websites placed during a specific country or written during a specific language.


  • Snapshots – Snapshot is a mechanism that indexes PDFs, Word documents, and more.


  • Google Feud : This is not an application but we must mention it here. google feud is a google autocomplete game that was designed based on highly popular family feud game. 
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Try > google autocomplete game


This is such an addictive game based on google autocomplete api that thousands of people spends a lot of their time on the game. Search in google for google feud 2 for newer version or google feud unblocked and you will know what I means.




  • Google Finance – It is searchable United States of America news, opinion, and monetary knowledge. 


  • Google Teams – Internet and email discussion service and Usenet archive. Users will be a part of a gaggle, create a gaggle, publish posts, track their favorite topics, write cluster|a collection} of cluster websites update-able by members and share group files.



  • Google Shopping (was Google Product Search) worth engine that searches on-line stores, as well as auctions, for product.

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  • Google News – AI based news compilation service and program for news. Google New collects, syndicate and compile news from large publication houses and provides the reader an curated news view


  • Google Alerts – Google alerts is an email notification service, that sends alerts supported chosen search terms, whenever there area  new  search results. Alerts embrace internet results, teams results news, and video. 


So as you can see Google is not only your friendly neighborhood it is much more than what meets eye and has different products that gets integrated to our life seamlessly.


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